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Branding & Packaging for Yogurt Probiotic Drink

I developed a logo and brand conceptualization with an emphasis on sustainable packaging design. The goal was to create a cohesive product system with an accompanying promotional item.


MUU is an adjusted version of the word “moo,” which relates to the dairy-derived product. By combining the product idea with some key words, I searched for a font that flattered the letters to incorporate the core concepts and basic shapes. 

the logo

The three primary brand colors come from the base flavors.


MUU provides health benefits on top of a variety of flavors for people with different tastes. This brand is a minimalistic, yet sleek approach that elevates the drink to appeal to a wider audience.

behind the beverage

Frosted glass bottles and biodegradable biopolymer caps help reduce the carbon footprint because of how they are made and their respective recyclability factors.

The packaging itself is meant to be a 

commodity kept after finishing the drink and repurposed into anything from a 

refillable bottle to decor or even collected as a series. By making its appearance unique and hold value, there is a stronger motivation to either keep it or recycle it. 


Frosted glass provides a finesse that elevates the bottle outlook.


The capsule shape used throughout the brand is derived from stacking the two letter “U”s in the logotype. It represents the probiotic bacteria in the beverage.

brand elements


Each part of the bottle is intended to be collectible and interchangeable.


The bottle has many versatile uses such as display or decor.

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